Los Angeles Regional Tournament

Division B and C teams from Los Angeles County compete for the opportunity to advance to the Southern California State Tournament in April.

Location: Antelope Valley College, Lancaster
Date: February 17, 2024
Divisions: A, B, C
Regional Director: Ryan Wong

Communique 4

Preliminary Scoreboards

The preliminary scoreboard is now released on Duosmium (linked below). Any scoring inquiries should be emailed to me by the head coach before 5:00pm Tuesday 2/20. As a reminder, scoring inquiries are only for clerical errors (e.g. teams competed but received a no show score).

Div A
Div B
Div C

Communique 3

[Urgent] Parent Volunteer Assignments

Each team (not school) must provide an adult volunteer who will help assist our Event Supervisors for about 2.5 hours total. (The volunteer cannot be a competitor on the team and is usually a parent or coach.) The assignments can be found in the downloads section below. These adult volunteers will not require knowledge of the events and will be helping with tasks such as timing, directing foot traffic, etc..

For all volunteers, please make sure they complete the volunteer training program required by National Science Olympiad before tournament day: https://www.soinc.org/training/volunteer-training.

Schedule and Rooms

Schedule and RoomsThe updated Division A and Division B/C schedules with rooms have been posted in the downloads section below. UH is short for Uhazy Hall and YH is short for Yoshida Hall. This is the pre-final schedule.

Please note that there will also be quiet rooms at YH 161, UH 109, and GYM 140 (no shoes on the floor for this room only).

Communique 2

We are now just over three weeks until the tournament! Thank you to all of the teams that have already submitted their principal verification, membership dues, and certificates of insurance. Please continue to do so if you haven’t already. Please see the following updates.

Team Numbers

Team numbers are now assigned and can be viewed in the downloads section below or here. You may have received an email on Jan. 22 with your team number. Please disregard the team numbers in the email as we had to renumber some teams to avoid conflicts. Please refer to the webpage for the correct team number.

Self-sign Up Events

We will be using the Event Sign Up System (ESUS), for the self-scheduled events sign ups. The link to access the self-schedule sign up is here.

Login information will be emailed to the head coaches of each team by 8AM Monday, January 29. If you do not receive the username and password by Monday, January 29, please contact us immediately because the self-scheduled event online sign up will open Wednesday, January 31, at 5:00PM, and will close on Wednesday, February 14, at 5:00 PM. You will NOT be able to sign up for these events after it closes. For technical issues, please contact esus@socalscioly.org.

Schedule and Room Assignments

The updated schedule with locations for each event will be posted in the next communique.


A map of campus can be found here.

Team Check In

Head Coach Check-in is from 7:15 AM to 8:15 AM on Feb 17, 2024, on the south side of Uhazy Hall. The head coach of the team should go to check in and turn in the following material: Final team roster with the participants' names and grade levels Release form for all participants, non-participating students, guests of the school

If an event requires impound, the device must be impounded during the time stated in the schedule. Teams will not need wristbands to impound their devices since the impound period is the same as the period when the head coach checks in and receives wristbands. However, per the rules, all devices must still be impounded by one or more of the 15 official team members. Parents or other non-participants may not impound devices for their team, but they may accompany the team members to help transport or carry things.

Flight B/C Venue Dimensions

Flight B/C will take place in the gym. The dimensions of the gym are 100' x 60' x 40' (40' height).


Campus parking passes will not be required. Vehicles parked in spots marked as reserved or disabled without proper passes/permits will be ticketed.

Food on Tournament Day

Teams can purchase food from a taco truck present on the day of the tournament.


For emergencies, please call the campus sheriff at 661-722-6399 OR dial 4444 from any campus phone.

Rules Clarifications

Please submit all rules clarification questions by filling out the form here. The only clarifications we will be following will be the ones posted hereby Mon, Feb 12. All clarification questions we answer will be automatically posted on the web page, and also sent to the SoCal clarifications mailing list.


If your team needs to file an appeal, the head coach must submit an online appeal form here.

Communique 1

Happy November and thank you for your patience while we have been confirming the dates together for the Los Angeles Regional Tournaments. I'm happy to let you know that we have now finalized the date for the Los Angeles Regional Tournament at Antelope Valley College this year, which will occur on Feb 17, 2024.

Preliminary Schedule

The preliminary schedules for all Divisions can be found in the downloads section below. For Division A only, please note that while most events are listed as 50 minutes in the rules, we'll be running all events in 45 minute blocks to better accommodate the tournament schedule.

Certificate of Insurance

Instructions on how to obtain a Certificate of Insurance with the proper wording for the tournament can be found in the downloads section below.

Registration Status

Thank you to all the teams who have already signed up online. As a reminder, participation at the tournament is not guaranteed until registration is complete (principal verification, certificate of insurance, and membership dues). If you have not yet signed up, please do so at the registration tab here.

Elementary Registration is Open!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 season of Elementary Science Olympiad. We're excited to share that the National Science Olympiad has released a set of 16 standardized events for all of us to use. The Science Olympiad Regional Directors met earlier this week and agreed to all use this set of events for this year's tournament. The digital 2023-2024 rules are available for purchase through the National Store for $32. Please note that for elementary Division A only, the maximum team size has been changed from 15 to 16.

The Los Angeles Regional Elementary Tournament will take place on April 27, 2024 at Temple City High School and February 17, 2024 at Antelope Valley College. The schedule of the tournament will be released in the coming weeks. Registration for the elementary competition is now open at here. The registration fee is $250/team. Payment can be submitted through credit card/paypal here or by sending a check made payable to "Southern California Science Olympiad."

With the standardization of the events, we will also be using a standardized rules clarification system for the elementary program where you'll be able to submit your question through the SoCal web page. More information on this will be coming soon!

Welcome to the 2023-2024 Season!

Team Registration for Division B and C for the 2023-24 season will open on Tuesday, September 5. Click here to register. The rules for the upcoming season will be available for free on the National Science Olympiad web page. Division A teams, please stay tuned for more information about when registration will be available!

Number of Teams per School

The limit on the number of teams per school has been removed. All teams are expected to compete at the Regional Tournament.

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